Our commitment to the environment

We are committed to assume social and environmental responsibility by carrying out actions focused on benefiting society and improving the world around us. This dedication and enthusiasm from the entire Urso Hotel & Spa team has won us the Travelling For Happiness Awards 2022 in the category “Business Transformation for Sustainability”.


At URSO Hotel & Spa we assume our responsibility towards the environment and are committed to sustainable development by reducing our carbon footprint in energy consumption. Thus, we have a centralised solar energy system powered by solar panels, located on the roof of the building, which makes up for 65% of the energy necessary to provide hot water and heating for the entire URSO Hotel.

We are also working to substantially reduce the use of plastic with the aim of reaching soon a zero plastic environment in our hotel. Furthermore, we are fully committed to finding new ways to minimize and manage emissions by implementing practical and cost-effective measures that are both sustainable and responsible, such as the use of eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, the use of water filtration and glass bottles and, it goes without saying, the daily recycling of the products of our activity.

Additionally, we have outfitted the hotel with electric charging points from Tesla and Porsche, in order to reduce toxic waste emissions.


Our commitment to present and future generations is part of the URSO experience in every small detail. It is the possibility of creating, with our activity, a positive impact on the people around us that inspires us to work even harder on these issues.

At URSO, social commitment takes many forms, including working closely with a variety of foundations.  The snacks in the mini-bar come from the A La Par Foundation, known for helping people in need and with special abilities; the used cooking oil is recycled through a foundation that donates its profits to women who are victims of gender-based violence; all Nespresso coffee capsules are composted and given to a foundation that supports people at risk of social exclusion.

All the hotel’s products are selected on the basis of our Zero Mile policy, supporting our local producers (such as the Barceló Market and other suppliers in the area), facilitating a thriving circular economy and creating job opportunities in Madrid and the surrounding area.