Route through the gardens of Madrid

This summer, enjoy the most natural Madrid with a route through some of the city’s most emblematic parks and gardens:


Retiro Park

Retiro Park is a peaceful garden in the centre of Madrid. Among its 118 hectares of green areas, you will find thousands of species of trees and botany from around the world, different species of birds, rabbits and even a small colony of peacocks. Stroll around the Rose Garden, the numerous fountains and sculptures (including the mythical Fallen Angel) or the Crystal Palace (created in 1887 as part of the Philippine Islands exhibition, labouring as a conservatory for a large number of exotic plants and hosting, nowadays temporary art exhibitions). In front of the palace, there is a small lake home of a variety of ducks and swans, that allows you to enjoy boat trips with your partner.


Royal Botanical Garden

Just 20 minutes walk from URSO Hotel & Spa, nothing better than enjoying a morning in these well-kept gardens in the centre of Madrid. The Botanical Garden has the largest variety of botany in the capital, as well as a herbarium with more than a million sheets, the library and the archive with nearly 10.000 drawings and a sample of 5.500 species of living plants. Among its main collections of plants from around the world, it stands out the Iberian flora, the carnivorous plants and the spaces dedicated to horticulture and bonsais.


Europe Park

A tour of the most emblematic monuments in Europe, with sculptures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Trevi Fountain in Rome or the Tower Bridge in London. This park also hosts different entertainment areas and shows between meadows and picnic areas, perfect for enjoying a picnic on the grass while small music groups set the scene for Madrid afternoons.


Photo: © Antonello Dellanotte, Condé Nast Traveler.