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Thank you is such a simple and meaningful word. As every year, at URSO Hotel & Spa we want to honour a celebration as intimate and familiar as Thanksgiving.
After a year in which we have learned to value little things in life (a hug, freedom or even tranquillity)… Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to be grateful while bringing joy. Thus, we invite you to celebrate this festivity with us reuniting with your loved ones while enjoying our traditional menu.


Thanksgiving at URSO

Next November 25th, URSO will become a unique space in which to enjoy a classic Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, with a traditional recipe offered by Media Ración restaurant.
Visit URSO Hotel to enjoy, in a cosy environment, a delicious menu that includes a comforting pumpkin cream, traditional roast turkey with its garnish and a tasty rhubarb cake, all of them paired with American wines selected by our sommelier for this special occasion.

*It is required to make a reservation in advance.


The origin of Thanksgiving

Even if you are not from the Estates, you have probably heard of Thanksgiving, one of the most important holidays in the country that is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in November. The movies have shaw us how families and friends gather around a table to share a special meal, grateful for all the good things that have happened to them during the year. However, could you say where this tradition comes from and why is it celebrated on this specific date? Join us on a journey back in time to learn about the origin of Thanksgiving.

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To enjoy an authentic Thanksgiving at URSO Hotel & Spa, please contact our Events Team:

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