Tratamiento de las Estrellas

Exclusively from 2 to 18 February, URSO Hotel & Spa will host the revolutionary Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble, a travelling spa where 99.99% of pure air is breathed, enhancing the effectiveness and impact of the treatments given there.

For the occasion, Urso Hotel & Spa has designed an exclusive treatment that combines the new, high-tech New Pure Air Bubble with Natura Bissé’s top-of-the-range Diamond. This revolutionary technique promises to rejuvenate the skin and improve mood in just 60 minutes.

The treatment consists of a deep facial cleansing that will give your skin a more radiant, healthy and beautiful effect. This process activates the body’s antioxidant mechanisms, encouraging the elimination of toxins and dead cells, where the senses embark on a journey to absolute wellbeing.

The process not only focuses on improving the appearance of the skin, but also has positive effects on emotional well-being. Facial massages act on key points of the anatomy to promote physical and emotional well-being while revealing a visibly smoother and more radiant face.

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