The Sleep Ritual

An experience designed to help you settle into sleep and wake up energised and recharged.

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we often overlook the importance of a good night’s sleep. However, sleeping is a fundamental part of our well-being that impacts both our physical and mental health.

Focused on your well-being, URSO Hotel & Spa offers an innovative and exclusive experience that can help improve the quality of our rest. Let’s start the new year relaxed and with a healthy relationship towards sleep.

Our experience begins with a Neurosedative Massage, a ritual inspired by the Indonesian Malay Sea Massage, which aids falling asleep by working in synergy with our exclusive Tranquillity Sound and essential oil blend. Furthermore, you will have access to our spa’s water facilities to further your path to complete relaxation. 

To continue encouraging deep sleep, you will also experience an individual Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness and Chi Kung class. A session that fuses this psychic sleep yoga, focused on meditation techniques to calm the nervous system and reduce stress, with Chi Kung, an ancient Chinese practice that consists of the art of cultivating energy so that it circulates properly and harmoniously through our body. 

This unique ritual would not be complete without a well-deserved night’s rest at URSO Hotel & Spa and our delicious breakfast that includes a wake-up tea: the perfect alternative to start the day energised and caffeine-free. However, the experience does not end here; you can continue to work on your relationship with sleep from the comfort of your home with the Tranquility Blend oil by Comfort Zone and infusions to encourage a good night’s rest. 

Reconcile with deep sleep and experience complete relaxation with URSO Hotel & Spa.