Temporary exhibitions at the Prado Museum

Discover the temporary exhibitions of the Prado Museum through the work of the greatest figures of European painting such as Rubens, Tiziano or Velázquez among many others. A unique opportunity to see legendary artworks such as The Three Graces, Venus and Cupid or Perseus and Andromeda, available for a limited time, just 20 minutes walking from URSO Hotel & Spa.

Mythological Passions
Until July 4th
The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see one of the greatest groups of mythological paintings created in Europe in the 16th and 17th century, through the work of the greatest figures of European painting.

The bequest made by Carmen Sánchez García
Until October 24th
A selection of acquisitions made possible thanks to the generosity of Carmen Sánchez García, a friend of the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado since 2003. The exhibition includes paintings from the Renaissance, unpublished before.

Marinus: Painter from Reymerswale
Until June 13th
The first monographic exhibition to be organised on this Netherlandish artist who worked in the first half of the 16th century. While many of his paintings are very well known and appreciated today from textbooks on economic history – the Flemish economic historian Raymond de Roover (1904-1972) was one of the first to associate money changers with the profession of banking and to illustrate them in his books – the artist’s life and work have been little studied in recent decades.

Until July 25th
An extensive architectural space flooded with natural light now becomes the basis for this new exhibition which includes some of the collection’s most iconic works, evoking the type of display that existed when the Museo del Prado first opened to the public.

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