Popular Festivities in Madrid

If there is one thing that characterises Spanish people, it is undoubtedly their desire to celebrate life. And it goes without saying that Madrid, its capital, is proud of its long tradition of street festivals and popular festivities that date back centuries. As a result, it has several emblematic celebrations that reflect the cultural diversity and history of the city, all of which we invite you to discover with Urso Hotel & Spa.


One of the most important is undoubtedly the celebration of San Isidro, which takes place in mid-May. The history of this festivity dates back to the 17th century when Saint Isidore was canonised and became the patron saint of the city. Since then, it is celebrated every year in his honour with a wide variety of activities ranging from concerts and dance performances to bullfights and craft fairs. The most traditional people dress up in traditional chulapos and chulapas costumes and perform popular dances such as the chotis in the iconic San Isidro meadow. Of course, there is no shortage of typical homemade products such as wafers and, especially, the famous rosquillas, a type of doughnut divided into four categories: listas (clever), tontas (silly), francesas (French) and Santa Clara (Saint Clara).


In August, La Fiesta de la Paloma is held in La Latina neighbourhood, one of the most creative and alternative areas of Madrid. This festivity pays tribute to the Virgen de la Paloma (Virgin of the Dove), who is the neighbourhood’s patron saint. It is celebrated with numerous activities such as street parades of floats, music, dances, concerts, and a large fair in the Plaza de la Paja, which every year leaves memorable anecdotes among the locals who attend.


Lastly, the verbenas or popular night-time festivals are also an essential part of Madrid’s culture, particularly the verbena de San Juan, which takes place under the warm June skies. During the verbena de San Juan, we see bonfires lit in the streets and the arrival of summer celebrated with music and popular dances, which fill the neighbourhood with a magical and exciting atmosphere.


Madrid is a city defined by its traditions and celebrations, but it is the warm-hearted locals who truly bring it to life. That is why we invite you to celebrate alongside the people of Madrid, immersing yourself in these remarkable events that are bound to create cherished anecdotes to share when you return home.