LED Mask by Natura Bissé at URSO Spa

Discover the revolutionary Natura Bissé LED mask at URSO Spa, the new phototherapy and chromotherapy treatment that has shown that the benefits multiply when combining the application of the product through a facial massage with a LED tool.

Our new treatment Diamond Experience Chromo-rejuvenating mask includes this LED device with simultaneous emission in three types of wavelengths (blue, red and infrared light) giving a fast and deep penetration of the active ingredients, without being aggressive or invasive to the skin, as it does not heat the skin or irritate it.

On the one hand, REDLIGHT is ideal for stimulating collagen production, rejuvenating the skin, attenuating the signs of ageing and treating the damage caused by UV rays, among other benefits.
On the other hand, BLUE LIGHT is ideal for reducing acne and redness or inflammation related to psoriasis, rosacea or eczema.
While the combination of the two lights – MALLOW LIGHT – adds all these benefits.

In addition, the occlusive action acts as a seal that enhances the action of the product, increasing the absorption of the active ingredients, as it helps to fix them on the skin.

Enjoy this luxurious experience accompanied by a relaxing circuit in our water area, every day in our private oasis in the centre of Madrid.

For more information and reservations, please contact our spa team: T. +34 914 444 458 | spa@hotelurso.com