Grassy's Showcase

Grassy’s showcase arrives at URSO Hotel & Spa by Grassy’s jewellery, one of the oldest jewelleries of Madrid. Its founder Alexandre Grassy, of French nationality, arrived in Spain at the end of the twenties of the last century. He was on his way to America and only planned to make a stopover here, but a Portuguese jeweller he met during the trip made him see that his America was in Spain, by then a country with great future and opportunities. Since then, the business has been passed from generation to generation within the family, being an emblem of the history of Madrid.

Uniting art with jewellery for the showcase displayed in our hotel, Grassy has entrusted the artist Luis Cabanas Ortiz with the staging of the jewels inside the showcase during the period of one year and through four different scenographies.

For this first season, he has designed a light box in which the jewels illuminated from behind project their shapes onto a sheet of Chinese calligraphy paper. The presented bracelet is from the Elena collection. With their random disposition, the cabochons in the bracelet reminds us of a cobblestone road, transferring this idea to the rest of the pieces of the collection.

Photo of Olivia Ferreira