"Hoy por ti mañana por mí" project

At URSO Hotel we welcome our young aspirants of the project “¡Hoy por tí, mañana por mí!” (Today for you, Tomorrow for me!
With the aim of incorporating young people into the labor market, the Solventia Foundation, in collaboration with Marugal Distinctive Hotel Management, has launched the project “Hoy por tí, Mañana por mí” (HPTMPM).

This initiative designed, coordinated and supervised by Javier Iturralde Lind, Director of the Solventia Foundation, will hold two editions a year of 3 months in Urso Hotel & Spa, being the only project that takes place in a 5 * environment and with a ratio of trainers, social workers, coaches, psychologists and program directors.

Thus, URSO Hotel receives its first HPTMPM applicants so that during three months of practical training and quality, they develop the bases to carry out a professional career in the hotel field.

Once this period of work experience has ended, the beneficiaries will obtain the bases to access the labor market and, unlike other programs, they will be looked for work with the objective of continuing to advance their professional and personal growth.

Among the labor options, applicants will opt for a job in the hotels of the Marugal Group, if there are places available at that time. Otherwise, they would become part of a job exchange, enabling them to successfully carry out interviews with other hotels.

From URSO Hotel & Spa, we want to wish our young aspirants good luck, hoping that their experience with us will be satisfactory!