Grassy's display cabinet changes decoration

Grassy surprises us again after changing the scenery of its display cabinet located at URSO Hotel & Spa. The jewellery brand leaves behind the illuminated box that showcased the jewels of its collection “Elena” to unveil its new anniversary collection.

The new scenery has been created by the artist Luis Cabanas Ortiz. This project, which combines art and jewellery, is located in one of the main pillars of our lobby bar.

This display is composed of cotton paper, ash wood and steel. The display has a set of overlapping windows through which you can see the pieces that are exhibited in it. Depending on the viewer’s position, they will see a different jewel, thus maintaining a certain sense of mystery.

The different layers of paper are attached by a wooden structure that is composed of two main pieces, some frames that hold the paper and wooden dowels that assemble the frames to provide them with the appropriate distance. The jewels hang thanks to some brackets made of steel rod, which make them mimic the shape they would have if someone were wearing them.

The jewels, from the “SESENTA” collection, designed by Patricia Reznak, were inspired by the archaeological jewels resembling the Roman seal-rings of the 19th century. Using the Intaglio technique, Grassy has engraved his symbol on oval stones, repositioning his elements: the two seahorses, the shell and the crown. Additionally, the distinguished jewellery brand has set the amethyst, heliotrope, carnelian and bicolour agate stones in chiselled frames in matt gold.

This unique anniversary collection is made up of medallions, medals, earrings and rings that we could find in the jewellery box of our great-grandmothers. This collection is elegant, sober, and every detail has been taken care of in its creation.