We propose you 5 activities to enjoy with your family during Easter in Madrid and surroundings. Concerts of Gregorian chants, theater, workshops or flamenco shows are just some of the traditional activities you can enjoy this April:

Easter processions. From April 14th the streets of Madrid pick up the solemn processions, ending with a traditional drumming in the Main Square on April 21st, where a group of musicians accompanied by drums, make an itinerary through the centric Madrid of the Austrias. Among the processions that cross in center of Madrid, we suggest you to visit Jesús del Gran Poder, Cristo de Medinaceli or Cristo de los Alabarderos, making a tour across the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral and the Castrense Cathedral. For further details regarding the processions in Madrid, we recommend you to check the program here.

Route through the convents. Spanish donuts, pastas, marzipans… this fun route that remains for centuries, will take you through the most outstanding convents in Madrid and surroundings, to enjoy the typical Easter sweets. Visiting the Corpus Christi Monastery and enjoying their handmade sweets with anises is a must! Or if you prefer it, visit the San Diego Convent to taste their famous garrapiñada, a traditional sweet made with almonds.

Tip: During these days the torrijas are the typical dessert in Madrid. Find them in our restaurant Media Ración served with brioche bread, sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The best torrijas in Madrid according to the national newspaper, El Mundo!

Concerts of Gregorian chants. Easter is the best time of the year to visit some of the most spectacular churches and temples in the capital, such as San Ginés church, the Castrense Cathidral (also known as Sacramento Cathidral), San Antonio de los Alemanes, San Francisco el Grande or San Pedro el Viejo. During these days many churches in the center of Madrid organize concerts of Gregorian chants as well as baroque music.

Trip to El Escorial on board the Felipe II train. Get to know the history and monumental wealth of El Escorial on board the Felipe II Train, a locomotive with passenger cars of the 20th-century that will make this trip become an experience, almost worthy of kings! With a stop at El Escorial, will allow you to enjoy its exceptional natural environment as well as its history, since El Escorial was created to commemorate the Battle of San Quentin, and presents a large number of monuments such as the Royal Monastery -declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and considered the 8th wonder of the world- the Historical Gardens or the Chair of Philip II -a stunning viewpoint-.

Royal Botanical Garden. Just 20 minutes away walking from URSO Hotel, nothing better than enjoying a morning by these well-cared gardens in the center of the city. They have the largest variety of botany in the capital in addition to a herbarium with more than one million of species or herbs, the library and the archive with about 10.000 drawings and a sample of 5.000 species of plants.